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vegan weightloss

People are ridiculous. Jenna did nothing wrong. It's a fucking fish, get over it. Should she have looked into what to get beforehand? Yes. But to make her feel this bad about it is stupid.

vegan weightloss

Plus i hope all those that judged her so harshly are vegan otherwise it's pure hypocrisy.


Jenna, you're such a stand-up person.

Icestorm Tundra
You took full responsibility here for the mistake you made which is very nice to see, and i wish that people had been a little kinder to you about the problems with your original tank so that you didn't feel the need to take the video down. I've kept fish for many many years now and i agree that they are a lot more difficult to keep well than most people give them credit for, especially goldfish and other large, common species of fish. Cycling a tank is not an easy or quick process and many many pet stores don't… Read more »
Mr.SpookySpooks lol


Mike C

Mistakes can happen when entering the aquarium hobby! I'm really glad this didn't stop you from keepin on keepin on! Fish can be so theraputic! Wait until you see your first shrimp tank! They are super cool too!

Caitlyn Meisner

so did her fish die???? im so confused

Just Another Youtube Channel

Fuck you, put the video back up. Just add a disclaimer or something that links to this video and says what you did wrong. Cunt.

Shaelin Rollman
You're so sensitive for animals and I can relate so much. I want/need to get a 10 gallon for my betta, but my whole family is telling me not to. I have a 2.5 gallon and it's difficult to clean it and it's too crowded and I want to give him the best life, but my family says he's fine, but I know he's gonna die soon because it's not good for him rn. I'm gonna try to save until I have $200 and I have $177 rn, so it won't take too long. But they tell me not to… Read more »
Jess Har

It's a steep learning curve. You don't have to be hard on yourself. We ALL go through this experience and with stores. And we still make mistakes. The best way to learn is from your own experiences. Try a fishless tank to learn the science until your ready.The starter tips you now have. ????Visit someone in fish community to get inspired. Join the fish world!

Shannon Conroy
Jenna, I have 10 total tanks in my house, there really was not anything wrong with what you did in my opinion, you even acclimated them properly. I have 3- 75 gal tanks, a 265 gal tank, 125 gal tank, 15 gal tank, 35 gal tank, a 10 gal, a 5 gal, and a beta fish bowl. The starter fish that you got were fine and its the sad truth but when you start a tank the fish you get might not do well but you have to start somewhere, also if a fish dies there is multiple factors to… Read more »
Katie Pitman

A few months ago, I commented on a friends status on FB cause people were making fun of her asking where to take her fish to the vet. I told her that having a fish you care about is not dumb, that it's a living thing too. I applaud you for this video. I had a betta fish as a child, and it lived quite a while, where my little sisters didn't. Anyway, a life is a life.

Katie Pitman
Also, I wanna add that my bunnies are the MOST important thing ever! My parents got me one for my birthday cause they didn't know what else to get me, and I had told them months before I wanted a rabbit, but I was more joking. When they did get me a bunny, the FIRST thing I did was research EVERYTHING! Even then I thought I knew everything. Turned out I didn't. You think you know everything till you don't! Trixie ended up dying 5 months after they got her for me. It was the most devasting thing ever! I… Read more »

Thank you for this, Jenna. I am recently going through a break up and moved into a place where no pets are allowed and considered a fish as an easy alternative to me not being able to get a cat or dog. But now I am fully aware if I go that direction I will have to make myself more knowledgeable beforehand and prepare early on. Thank you for your kind heart, along with your goofy humor. I've always known there's a reason I've kept up with you after all these years. You are a wonderful human. ????

Kate Sitka

Smaller tanks are imho harder to keep safe for fish than big tanks. The pH changes too rapidly because if the small space. Its a lot easier to maintain a 60+ gallon tank. And big tanks are much more fun! You can plant them beautifully and just put cardinal tetras in there for a month or two before adding other fish. Big tanks give you more options, and its less stressful for them.

Nicole Flynn

I had a beta for four years, he died recently and a little part of me went with him it's not just a fish.

Detra Isham

It's okay Jenna. You should try a betta fish in a 5 gallon tank. They are Hardy and compared to most fish, very simple to care for.

Jenna, a lot of people have been in a similar situation. about 2 years ago, i got my first chameleon. it originally was my cousins, but he died and it was given to his brother. so he took the advice of people at petsmart, and they gave him a glass cage, a heat lamp, and a water bowl. a week later the chameleon almost died, and that’s when it was given to me. turns out, chameleons can’t even fucking DRINK out of a water bowl. they absorb and lick water from a dripping system. and glass cages legitimately suffocate them,… Read more »
Tanvee Priyadarshan

Jenna. If u got the right tank, dem fishies gon be the kings of de oceans

PieQueen234 PieQueen234

im confused i dont know what happened to the fish.

Kelcie Kysar

Look at fishlore.com

Ольга Ерёмченко

Пришла я с канала Камеди Стор,после видео с тем пацаном из того видео с Сантой.Этот Камеди СторВ просто мега угарно переводит вас с Джулианом.Очень приятный голос!

Spencer Abela

I took 4 months to research for my girlfriends fish, I got everything to make both her and the fish happy, she still researches every week on her fish, we will have to get her a bigger tank in a year so yesssss. You are a great person and I'm glad you go the extra mile for your animals.

david ulrich

dont get bumbed out its not all your fault i had this happen to me when i started keeping fish they are cool pets thnk you for sharing your story hope people listen to your story and learn

Carmen Muehlfeld
Jenna, I’m so sorry that you got discouraged about the aquarium hobby. I did the same thing when I first started, and it sucks so bad but now I have an awesome multi species tank that I’m super proud of. My fish are like my babies lol. I hope one day you do decide to get fish, it really is an amazing hobby and it’s so fun to watch them swim around, and it’s a really cool feeling to get to take care of a whole ecosystem. Don’t let this bad experience turn you off, it takes time and research… Read more »
Another Lesbian Channel

I sincerely hope you start over your fish journey because now you know what to do and any fish would be lucky to have you taking care of them! You’re a great person!

Megan Jones

Thank you so much for making this video and actually trying to do something beneficial with your mistake. So many people make the same or similar mistakes and nothing has been changing so thank you thank you for being so genuine and wanting to change things.

David Kitzmiller

I understand were you are coming from but I have a tip pet stores don't care about the knowledge of there employees they just make the strong people go out to pick up heavy things and the people who know about that stuff just because they are not strong they have to work at the register

Dayna Reynolds

This is so sweet of you! I do have to say that buying fish in the first place and supporting the industry is inhumane– so I wouldn't get fish in the future. Do some research on the process of where they come from and how many die in the process. I think you made the right choice. 🙂


I've won two fish from carnivals, and they were both gold fish, and I've gotten pretty lucky thankfully. My last fish just died about two weeks ago. He would've been three in September. I bawled my eyes out and I still get sad over it 🙁


jenna is a good person

Jessie W

Girl you are just as impatient as I am. lol But if you watch Rachel O'Leary she is super smart and knows all about fish.


This beautiful soul of a human being.. she lost two days being miserable and crying over potential physical and psychological harm that she and the fish store person might have caused to *FISH*. Arguably the smallest of the small of us. I just don't think I've ever known a better, more loving soul. She makes my heart hurt from the love she has for everything and everyone.

Olivia Carey

The logang is really balling out in the comments ew

Amelia Nannette

At least you're not my dad. when I was in 2nd grade he killed my fish while I was at school because it was, quote, "annoying and useless." That was an interesting moment of my childhood. In comparison to the rest though, it was a picnic. He was a piece of shit

Tiki Bat

I'm 15 and own 18 tanks. 10-55. I keep and breed cichlids.

Tiki Bat

If you need any advice (not just Jenna, but everyone) talk to me!

ChimCity BTS

idk if its true but i've heard that circular tanks can cause brain issues to the fishes because of the oxygen level, like because of the tank shape.. more water is in it less oxygen the fishes receive.

Tyler Joseph is Däddy

ok i get it but come on people THEIR FISH!

Josie AwesomeSauce

I have 30 gallon tank with cat fish cherry barbs and some fake plants in there and a bubble maker

Logi Bro

Omg it's just fish stfu

Anna Arcuri
loved this video and loved your commitment. we have to remember retail employees are not always experts in their fields, even if they wear the expert label on the name tag! i work in retail and we skip through our training. i have expert on my name tag, the only reason i know what im talking about is because i go to college for a specific field. but even with that, i dont know every product in the store's best use (and have experience with them). and many days, im too tired to care about customer's projects. even though this… Read more »
Shell of the Sea

Jenna’s the best ????


every time she says fish community I imagine the mob of fish people in spongebob…

Bishamon The War God

fuck, now I feel really bad for getting a fish a cylinder tank, also how did Logan Paul have a shittier response to what he did, whereas you accidentally made a mistake as simple as that, and it's a 40 minute video.

Random Taco

It’s kinda sad because Jenna looked and sounded so happy!